How and Why They Framed Me

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


NWA Profile Attack: How and Why They Framed Me

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For Main Web Page With Video of NWA Atttack on us:

THE PROFILING / The ATTACK (photos with this link), AND HOW AND WHY THEY* FRAMED ME AFTERWARDS as well as the fallout thereafter:

(Supplementary materials to clarify further *Analysis of Police Statements(click)...*my mother's eye witness account(click); Chronological overview update here

I am a minority of mixed Eastern and Black descent:

My mother and I have been profiled, attacked and persecuted and then threatened (incessantly) and maligned by the courts , as described in the following. Our lives are in great danger:We have been severely traumatized by this ordeal.

Please contact us: Aaron James 204 474 0654; E: resist1000@usa.comLinda James 204 632 5598***(We prefer phone contact as the govt keeps shutting downour email accounts…)As minorities, we were profiled on board a MN North West Airlines Flight Jan 18 of this year. (MN Police’s and Northwest Airlines’ shameful profiling and attack on minorities has been in the news quite frequently as of late and NWAirline’s corruption scrutinized and exposed by MN based Communities Against Police Brutality documentary.)

Background Info:Residents of Winnipeg, Manitoba, we my mother and I had taken a Northwest Airlines flight to Rochester Minnesota, in order that I seek consultation with a medical doctor regarding a severe injury to my arm that needs corrective surgery.BAGS SEARCHED LOCKS CUT***PROFILED: We arrived at our hotel in Rochester without our luggage. It had not come off the baggage carousel and we were told that the luggage had most likely been misplaced and would be delivered to us at our hotel later on.

Our luggage arrived at our hotel several hours later, the locks cut and all of our belongings rummaged through. It was very clear we had been profiled as a security risk and that Northwest Airlines had been dishonest with us. According to a recent WCCO report, MN has a strong tendency towards racial profiling.Recently: a black pastor was profiled by MN police and a black man killed by MN police in a brutal attack. In fact, overall, MN Police have been notorious in the news of late.

Targeted Further Due To Complaint: We returned to the NWA Airlines desk in order to vocalize our protest of this treatment that amounted to racial profiling and added that we might pursue the matter as a legal initiative as such. They became very hostile and the manager at the desk ripped the complaint form from my hands retorting, “Well you won’t be needing this (the complaint form) then will you?! You’re going to sue aren’t you?!”We left while noting that the group of employees began gathering and convening about themselves in whisper as we walked away- our return flight was to leave me in a pool of blood in the middle of the aisle of the aircraft as described further ahead.

The Fated Return Flight Back To Winnipeg from Rochester, MN, was a connecting flight from Minneapolis, MN. We passed through the security check without incident (although I noticed the security eyeing me up and down profusely-yet this was normal due to my ethnicity…)As the nuances and details of the profiling aboard the aircraft are expounded upon in accompanying materials, I will only illustrate the most pertinent points within the scope of this overview and prelude to the accompanying papers.

My mother was accused of carrying a suspicious bag…flight attendant Sherrie Caudill had verbally accosted her within 30 seconds of us having boarded the flight.
Flight attendant Sherrie Caudell followed me in the aisle yelling at me in protest of how conspicuous she felt it was that I had not acknowledgedher in the aisle.

Same flight attendant (denoted F/A henceforth) returns to our seat repeatedly to harass us over other non-issues while raising her voice in order to draw attention to us amongst all of the passengers. F/A approaches our seat accusing us of talking about her and conspiring!

We lodge a complaint with the other F/A (Beverly Banks)In discussion between F/A’ s in the cabin, F/A Sherrie Caudell protests “But I didn’t DO anything!!!” and then calls out “these guys are lunatics!!!” OVER THE OPEN PA SYSTEM I tell the head F/A “I will be lodging a detailed and formal complaint when we get to the other side” (Canada) to which she responds, “I think you should do that!” defiantly, and walks off to speak to the captain.Aircraft returns to port before having taken off (all of the above had occurred within the span of 3 minutes.)

5 MN Airport Police boarded the aircraft and the F/A’s pointed us out, whereupon the officers came and accosted us at our aisle, (subsequently attacking me!)-as illustrated in the following:
I asked them, “Am I being charged?” “Am I under arrest?” And “Have I committed any crime?” To which they answered “No sir you have/are not” to all 3 questions.They then told me to get off the aircraft.I asked under what authority they were acting? (Given I was not charged, not under arrest, and had committed no crime by their own words.)

They did not answer: Instead, the lead officer, Officer Milton said “cuff ‘im!!!” loudly, and all 5 officers leapt in to attack me and tried to smother me!!!
I pulled my arms free of their grip. (Note my right arm needs surgery and is susceptible to further injury- they were committing an unauthorized attack that was putting my person in danger of severe injury-I was on my flight back from a surgeon’s office!!

The lead officer yelled “Taser!!!!” and the two officers at the back pulled tasers, passed them to the officers directly in front of me (Officers Milton and Sweigert) who elbowed me and tased me repeatedly until I hit the floor, lying in a pool of my own blood as a combined result of the tasers and striking my head on the side panelling as I went down. Reports indicated they had to clean a large volume of blo0d off the side panelling following the attack.

During the course of all 5 officers having lunged at me, two officers mutually collided, one sustaining an injury, for which I would later be falsely accused of causing- the frame up, in essence.Officers submitted false reports citing themselves in positions other than their true positions . In this way they repositioned the injured officer in order to falsely reflect him in the reports as having been directly in front of me, when he was not- hence the (now notorious) police perjury on stand to that effect and the frame up.

My mother identified herself only after the beating had gone to completion, fearing further consequence for both of us if she interfered.Police were horrified that they had committed this criminal act in front of none other than a family witness. They tried to confine my mother to the plane, stating she could not come with me off the plane and would have to go back to Canada without me.

My mother insisted she would come and they reluctantly allowed her to disembark with me.Officers decided that they must create a falsified history of events based on the heinous crimes they committed in the presewnce of a family witness. This would not be the first time- the Mn Police have Been Caught Lying on counts of Racially Motivated Attacks on numerous previous occasions.( They used the fact that both another officer and myself had independently sustained contusions to the head, and falsely attributed this to having been caused by my ‘head butting’ the officer!!


Their accusation was a complete fabrication: the officer injured was nowhere near me or accessible to me, but 3 officers distant from me in the narrow confines of the small aisle of the smaller style aircraft. In their reports, the officers fraudulently placed the injured officer directly in front of me where I could more easily have head-butted him. His true position had been three officers distant from me.
Based on this false allegation, we have been dragged through the court system.
The State charges were advanced to Federal level charges in order to remove certain rights and due process otherwise afforded under State law and subject us to more severe persecution.
*Held Illegally in Jail 9 days

Moreover, my telephone access card was unjustly disabled by calculated design; While beig subjected to FBI interrogation, I could not communicate with family, power of attorney or the Canadian consulate, a measure to instill further intimidation and cohersion.

THREATS IN THE JAIL WERE INCESSANT.Fixed Jury Pool: They fixed the jury pool; On the jury pool itself, were members and/or affilitates of CIA, FBI, NSA, MN Police NWA (The very airline on which we were attacked), prosecuting attorneys, military, security etc. It has been brought to our attention many times since, that racial bias and tampering were apparent in the selection of the jury.***Many instances of jury pool prejudice and tampering are currently under scrutiny in the US.SPECIALLY SELECTED JUDGE: EX-US MARINE JUDGE DAVID S. DOTY, HAS CHARGES AGAINST HIM THAT HAVE NOT BEEN DISMISSED : (see bottom of web page).

Judge David S. Doty’s Notoriety Preceds HimJudge David S. Doty also threatened us repeatedly with the U.S. Marshals, likening them to Hollywood, while stating ‘they will get you-and don’t think it isn’t just like Hollywood.” These threats had already been reinforced with a ***brutal assault and battery to my person.(see photos of my injuries sustained at this link.)

SABOTAGED BY ‘DEFENSE’ ATTORNEY: In keeping with the surreptitious canivory and collusion detailed above, the prosecution and our ‘defense’ attorney, Robert Jones, of Carlson and Jones, MN, turned out to be conspiring against us collectively in association with corrupted factions amongst the courts.Please see for the details of how this ‘defense’ attorney aided and abetted in conspiratorial measures that ensured wrongful conviction. In keeping with the surreptitiousness, connivance, and collusion above, the prosecution and our ‘defense attorney aided and abetted in conspiratorial measures that ensured wrongful conviction.

In association with corrupted factions amongst the courts , our defense attorney Robert Jones, of Carleton znd Jones, MN , turned out to be conspiring against us .

**CONTRADICTORY STATEMENTS PROVE ALLEGATIONS LIES: Since then, we have exposed a myriad of evidence to prove their allegations wrong (witness statements were self contradictory, giving strong evidence of police cohersion; Police statements contradicted in written report versus verbal testimony on stand, and their stories conflict severely even between each officer’s report when one is compared with another.

WAR ON TERRORISM HAS BECOME ‘WAR ON MINORITIES’ UNDER THE GUISE OF ‘HOMELAND SECURITY’: Courts Don’t Care About Evidence of Truth- They Care Only About Conviction Of Minorities under their “homeland security” and “war on terrorism” propaganda, which has been referred to more appropriately, as “home land racism and fascism-war on minorities and Arabs.”
Maligned by the Courts, ***Threatened by the Notorious Judge David S. Doty (SEE 3 POINTS BELOW) who has outstanding charges against him!!: (see: bottom of web page look for his name) and framed by FBI (who are notorious in judicial misconduct and cover ups who worked together with MN police Security and other secret factions:

Our Fixed Jury Pool was obvious evidence of this)Fixed Jury Pool: members and or affiliates of *FBI, CIA, *NSA, MN Police, Prosecuting Attorneys, *Prosecuting Attorneys, and Family of murder victims, laced the jury pool comprising the greater part of its representation!!! This was not a random jury pool but a pre-ordained selection with only one task in mind- illegal assurance of a conviction by any means!!***A history of mn state jury pool tampering against minorities with impossibly prominent mn police representation has made itself apparent:*“Minneapolis has about 800 active duty police officers in the street and there are probably another 100 or so sheriff's deputies. Yet, somehow, at least 1/3 of this jury pool of 30 people, brought in from all parts of Hennepin County, are related to cops or deputies. Now how is that possible in a metropolitan area of this size?”Convicted (what other outcome could there have been?)

Threatened by the notorious Judge David S. Doty (see above)“I’ll have the U.S. Marshals follow you to the end of the earth- and don’t think it’s not just like Hollywood!! – Oh they overdo the FBI somewhat, but not the U.S Marshals! They’re every bit how Hollywood…

***Since U.S. Marshals are not legally allowed to do this (there must be extradition and then authorities from that other Country must bring you back) Judge Doty’s Comments must be seen as a serious threat- especially GIVEN JUDGE DOTY’S CRIMINAL HISTORY AND CHARGES AGAINST HIM.

*Sent home to await sentencing forthcoming under that threat and the threat that non- appearance would generate a felony level charge and dramatically increase sentencing time.

*Sabotaged by Peace Officer Standards and Training: P.O.S.T., a Police Advocacy Centre, to whom we complained, turned out to be a front for concealing police violations and infractions. They sabotaged our efforts by forwarding our complaint-which contained the nuances of how we had unraveled the police’s lies and deceptions- and forwarded our insights to the offending parties and the prosecution against us in our impending trial!_______________________________________________________


*Threatening messages left on answering machines warning myassociates and friends to not interfere ‘or else’…·

Legal Mail Intercepted Ripped open and Contents Removed. We still have the sabotaged letter on our persons and have sent out scanned in copy of this so that others (such as yourselves) can see it also.

· Jury Pool Full of FBI, CIA, NSA, MN Police, Military; Ex Us. Marine Judge and Guilty Conviction In combination with Threats from judge and threatening phone calls as well as other threatening details below makes it clear our return could cost us our lives!!·

Voice Mail Messages Removed from the Systems of Friends and Associates attempting to assist me.·

Email accounts shut down, viruses sent, account passwords made defunct, and human spy ware notifications (which I have printed out and have had witnessed) giving indication of illegal government monitoring)·

Illegal FBI surveillance of FBI Mark Rensch outside my home (He was outside my home on or about Jan 29 11 PM, in Canada ooops all the way from the U.S. parked outside my home to confirm the exact coordinates of my home residence… I have been followed since!***(***Oct.5/06 FBI have just been caught in the news doing illegal spy activity in Canada – I heard about this only this morning and felt I should include this expose in with my personal experience as poignant and evidentiary material in support of our case.) ·

Phone line tapped (people tell me of constant clicking on my line and of voice mail message deletion from their accounts on the next day consecutive to having first discussed the matter with me.

Moreover, the legal mail that arrived disheveled and its contents removed, was discussed over my phone just prior to it having been sent-clearly the conversation had been monitored.· Constant blocked / hang up calls at regular intervals. They do so to impose intimidation and also in attempt to monitor my comings and goings.·

Border Threat: U.S. Customs official Chris Nissan: “Oh you’re going to have some serious problems with us when you come back to the border for your court issues”

***It has become clear to my family and I that our lives are at risk and that blind compliance to U.S. imposed laws and regulations has already maligned us (due to profiling attack personal injury and subsequent conviction and incessant threat the last 8 months ongoing) and threatens our very lives!/ Likeness to* Maher Arar Case and Mohamed Harkat Case:RE: Abandoned by


Despite repeated appeals for due government intervention and accountability to our case, we have been summarily ignored and dismissed in an overall act of shameful negligence on the part of the current government in power.We have approached the offices of Vic Toews (Justice Mister Notorious for Fraud and Injustices), under the notorious PM Steven Harper’s dominion and received belligerent response in return at his regional office. We have been refused by Foreign affairs and although we mentioned this fact to the office of Minister of Justice Vic Toews when he tried to pass us off to their attention, his representative was immoveable on his position of refusal. We have also been refused assistance by Amnesty International, The Canadian Human Rights Commission and the ACLU and expect little assistance from the minister of public safety, Stockwell Day, given Stockwell Day’s pro- profiling views. Having also approached the State Of MN under Senator Mark Dayton and Governor Tim Pawlenty (notorious for his racist agenda we were similarly dismissed and refused any assistance. Our Local MP, Annita Neville has yet to respond to the detailed papers outlining our case, sent to her office months ago now. Again, all advocacy was refused.We are hopeful that Pat Martin, Wpg, MP, will respond in assisting us given his history of difficulty with harassment due to name profiling. His office assistant, Jeremy, had assured us, during a Jan 19th conversation, that they would afford us the same provisions they had given Mr. Farooq in dealing with the racial profiling of this Arab medical doctor that made news very recently.

***Seeking Advocacy in our struggle against racism profiling and tyranny:Racial profiling and descrimination against minorities has a long and tainted history:From the abuse of Malcolm X a symbol upstanding in both Islamic and Black history, Nelson Mandela under apartheid, the trials and tribulations of Martin Luther King and, to the more modern day recounts of the Rodney King Beating and the Profiling and descrimination against Arab born Ahmed Farooq, Mohamed Harkat, and Maher Arar, and the incessant racial profiling amongst the airlines industry.We are seeking advocacy from those who are willing to assist us in this fight against tyranny and racial hate/ bigotry under corrupted U.S. authoritarian mandate. We have committed no crimes other than guilt by association (only in the minds of the bigoted who would link ethnicity with wrong doings).

This is an affliction which the US has imposed on all minorities with horrid consequence, in regards to the 9/ll attack. We have now become one of the myriad of victims the U.S. government has maligned in their racial hatred campaign under the guise of national security and need the assistance of others who are in a position to oppose their hyenas actions.Please contact us: Aaron James 204 474 0654; aj_99@myway.comLinda James 204 632 5598***(We prefer phone contact as the governmentkeeps shutting down our email accounts…)

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